Heard of the Fat Zebra..yup…Heard of 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters…obviously, what about Ferguson’s 5th Floor ? Chances are if you’ve lived in Joburg you know all about these incredible spots, and now, because the  food gods are good the husband and wife team behind these successes have opened up a gelato store, say hello to Fabb Cafe & Gelato.

Now you probably already know I’m allergic to Dairy, (mostly because I’m always talking about it sorry about that!) but ice-cream is not something I can ever say no to, I’m not talking about the kind of stuff you get in a tub from Pick ‘n Pay or even whatever they serve at Milkyway, I mean REAL gelato! Gelato as you know is quite different from ice-cream, In essence gelato is mostly cream/milk, that means there’s no ice inside of it  (ICE-cream) Gelato is a lot denser than ice-cream making it super smooth, it’s served at a warmer temperature than ice cream (yay for no brain freeze) and finally there’s less fat in in which means it tastes better and you wont get that oil film in your mouth. But don’t let me rattle on just head over to Parkhurst and try out Fabb Cafe & Gelato for yourself!

Fabb Cafe have over 100 flavours on their books, although you can only choose between sixteen at any given time, but the flavours will be on rotation so you’ll always get something different every time you visit, did I mention they make it fresh on site? Their flavours range from Grape Fruit Sorbet to Vegan Dark Chocolate and even Candy Floss and Bubblegum. Pistachio and New York Cheese Cake are apparently already firm favourites but by far my favourite flavour is the Grape Fruit Sorbet, it tastes like summer is exploding in your mouth! All the flavours have been carefully considered and include the actual ingredients and not flavourings so when they say Baklava gelato they really mean it. You can enjoy your gelato in a cup or a cone and prices range from R28 for one scoop and R50 for two.

While Gelato is the main feature of the cafe, they also serve Belgian Waffles (R55) made from a secret recipe that is the perfect balance between being fluffy and crispy, on top of that you can get fresh baked good and simple meals including firm favourites like Avo on Toast (R45), Scrambled Eggs with a range of toppings a good sandwich offering and all the other usual bells and whistles you would expect at a cafe.

I’m pretty sure that Fabb Cafe & Gelato will be a firm favourite pretty soon, so I’d get there before the crowds descend upon it…and before summer ends, although with gelato this good I don’t think the weather will matter too much!

Contact: 082 551 5938

Address: Shop 3, Sunlit Court, 34, 4th Avenue,  Parkhurst