If you’re in the same boat I’m in you’re counting down the days to holidays and not having to worry about emails, work and dealing with admin. I swear when Golden finally closes I’m going to run around screaming and throwing candy to strangers. So, in the spirit of the impending holidays I thought I would tell you all about Leshiba Wilderness Lodge in Limpopo and why YOU should go there for your next holiday.

I stayed at Leshiba as part of the Open Africa campaign I took part in, in November and I really can’t wait to go back it’s an incredible place run by some incredible people. To learn more about the incredible community based tourism projects that Open Africa are running and to plan your trip to Limpopo click here.

This Pool

Imagine this, you, your costume, a glass off champagne, this pool and fresh mountain air…looking down on a plain filled with an array of incredible wild animals grazing. Leshiba has a great deal of things that make it so unique but this pool is definitely one of them. I can’t quite explain the feeling of what it felt like to sit in the pool like that with such an unbelievable view…so you’re just going to have to experience it for yourself.

This Rock Art

Leshiba is quite literally on top of the Soutpansberg mountains. You don’t realise quite how high you are until you start making your way down when departing. The Soutpansberg were once the home to a large amount of San people and with the San comes rock art! The rock art set in a cave a short way up on of the hills on the reserve and is littered with artifacts including an ancient mask and tools. The rock art hasn’t been dated but our guide Peter said it could be up to 30 000 years old!! Just imagining how the San people used to live is quite unbelievable.

The Wildlife

So I’m no wildlife photographer, the furthest thing from it in fact but take my word for it the wildlife is unbelievable. There’s only one predator, a leopard that keeps to itself so it’s safe to do trails and walks through the grounds. When you do walk (or drive) you’ll be surrounded by Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest an assortment of buck and more.

Sunsets Like This

Just as the sun was setting over the mountain range and Leshiba the thunderstorm stopped for a few minutes and the sun broke through the clouds creating a rainbow and the most dreamlike light.

 Their Rooms

Leshiba Wilderness has three main areas where you can rest your head after a day of activities including the Venda Village Lodge, their Luxury Suite, the Hamasha Bush Camp and Luvhondo, their group accommodation option. I stayed in the Venda Village accommodation which is modeled on the original village that used to be on the land, expect cosy rooms with an earthy feel.  To stay in the Village it’s currently only R1760 for a couple sharing which I think is unbelievable value for money.

Last But Not Least…This Bath

The Venda Village accommodation has a bath open to any guests who wish to use it that looks out onto the mountains, it’s separated from the main buildings so it’s really quiet  and peaceful.