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Gareth was literally the first Instagrammer I ever met, so it’s only fitting that he is first in the series. We both happened to be attending a media weekend being held but the City of Joburg and when I saw him from across the room I guess you could say I ‘fan girled’ him. Somehow in-between telling him how I thought he was the best thing since Snapseed I managed to get to know him…and the rest as they say his history.

Gareth has been called Mr. Instagram and the Jesus of Instagram, I’m not so sure about all of those what I do know is that he is one of the most wonderful, talented and awkward human beings I’ve had the honour of knowing.

1. What is your handle?

@garethpon, search for garethpon on IG to find my other accounts

2. What do you do when you’re not Instagramming?

I shoot films and photos as an independent freelancer, I focus on doing documentaries and social media photography. I also eat a lot and sleep as much as I can.

3. How did you discover Instagram?

Facebook, I saw people posting photos to Facebook from Instagram and I got serious FOMO, so I got an iPhone because it was only available then on IOS and the rest is history

4. Who are some of your favourite SA Instagrammers?

Besides you of course 🙂 @levonlock, @unclescrooch, @daveast, @roywrench, @ciden, @the_garrels, @alexioso, @btherad, @alesiolr, @thobanj, this list could go on forever (I hate being asked this question)

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KEEN FOR THE WORLD WIDE @IGERSJOZI INSTAMEET DETAILS: We will be meeting at 15:30 SHARP on the 18th of May (this coming Sunday) at #FNBStadium to what will hopefully be the biggest Instameet yet in South Africa. Enter at Gate B and park in PS2 parking, let the guards know you’re there for the Instameet (They’re expecting us and very excited), if possible please carpool since we have limited parking space allocated to us. We will be waiting at the Main Entrance just outside the glass doors. We’ll be starting the Instameet with a brief tour of FNB Stadium, courtesy of @stadiummanagement_sa and getting the inside scoop of how the stadium works. After that we’ll be able to take photos in the various spots around the stadium! There will be no food or drinks on sale, so please bring your own water bottles and snacks if you’re the type to get hungry easily. DO NOT LITTER. We are also doing a highlights video of the Instameet, so please be extra friendly should anyone ask to film you as we’d like to include everyone in some way in the video. TIME: 15h30 SHARP DATE: 18 May 2014 WHERE: FNB STADIUM, GATE B (MAIN ENTRANCE) BRING: FRIENDS HASHTAGS: #WWIM9 #WWIM9_ZA #WWIM9_JHB #FNBStadium #SMSA

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5. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to master the platform?

Tell stories, learn composition, understand the medium and get lost. But above all, engage with the community as much as you can.

6. Do you have a particular photographic style?

I would say a mix of documentary and temperamental experimentation.

7. Where is your favourite place to take pictures in Johannesburg?

Abandoned buildings and any location where I can capture images that evoke emotion. I’m a candid kind of shooter, so I don’t really have a particular space physically but more mentally as I recognise a combination of elements that cater for taking an image.


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The sky is falling, good old rainy Jozi

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1000th Post Series // 22 of 25: @lorraineloots This is Lorraine, she’s an artist and paints wee-itsy-bitsy-tiny-miniaturist paintings, in fact she does one every single day and has done so for the last 417 days. Lorraine and I met in person last year when I shot a little doccie about her “365 Paintings for Ants” project (you can watch the doccie on her website), she has an amazing story and shares that story on Instagram. This year she continues her project with “365 Postcards for Ants” and shares a new miniaturist painting every single day on her Instagram feed. Instagram as a visual platform allows Lorraine to snap a picture, add a little description, mention who it’s for and give the exact measurements of the painting in the caption. These paintings are usually less than 30x30mm big and are incredibly detailed. Posting to her account also holds her accountable and encourages her to paint, knowing that people are expecting to see today’s image. As a full-time miniaturist, Lorraine has the opportunity to paint all sorts of subject matter, people book off days through her site and select themes to paint on that specific day. Some paintings take several hours to complete and are all titled with the date of the day on which they were painted. I’ve personally seen Lorraine paint and it’s incredible how she manages to get such fine detail at the size she paints. Beyond painting and Instagram, Lorraine is a super friendly person, she always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to be around. While shooting the documentary about Lorraine I discovered that when she started her project she wasn’t entirely certain about where it would go, but now a year and 2 months later Lorraine has had her first exhibition (where all 365 paintings her exhibited) and has started her 2nd year of paintings. I’ve always believed in the saying, “Your passion will make a way for you.” and Lorraine’s story is one that’s both encouraged me and shown me that passion can indeed give creativity the freedom that it needs to thrive. Nice to meet you @lorraineloots #tellingmorestories #garethpon1000series Original photo by Martin Barraud

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