Since transitioning to a plant based diet and a more mindful way of eating I’ve seriously struggled with snacking. Snacks are the best, and sugar laden snacks are easy to get your hands on . My days are hardly ever the same and in the past I could pop into any store, without thinking, and grab a packet of Lightly Salted Lays or salami sticks, topped off with a chocolate to beat my energy and hunger slumps during the day. When you cut all of those out (okay, my vice is still chips) it’s pretty hard to find healthy snacks while on the go.

I thank my, and your, lucky stars that more and more stores are starting to stock quick healthy bites that won’t leave you feeling sick or guilty. I do a weekly shop at my local Wellness Warehouse to make sure I always have some sort of snack on hand.  I’ve put together a list of my favourite snacks that I keep on hand for just about every occasion. They’re all free of refined sugar, dairy, eggs, preservatives etc but they all taste seriously good, I promise you there is nothing even close to the taste of a Slim Slab here.

For When You Don’t Have Time Between Meetings 

I always admire those people who carry little coolers with them packed with their snacks and food for the day. I’m not one of those people, and that’s okay! One of the toughest times during my day is when I’m driving between meetings or errands and I get hungry. I’ve started carrying Luv Sum balls in my bag that I can whip out and chomp in the car or the waiting room. They’re bite size so you can gulp them down fast. My favourite is the Chocolate, Chia and Nut ball, it’s like eating fudge!

For When You’re Exercising 

Hiking, gyming or walking in the park? Whatever type or level of exercise you’re doing you’re going to need to feed your body. I always have a SuperBar in my bag when I’m hiking because they don’t give you a crazy sugar rush. Yay for Sustained energy!

For When You’re Feeling Drained 

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve run a marathon when you’re only halfway through your day. Old Anna-Belle would have cracked open a Red Bull, new Anna-Belle cracks open a Rude Health Beetroot Bar. (I’m turning into a hippy, just roll with it) The bar has the same effect as a caffeine drink without a crazy crash afterwards. Beetroot is packed with things that are good for you but what’s important here is that it gives you energy. If you don’t like the taste of Beetroot, don’t worry it’s super subtle, it’s not like you’re eating a jar of Koo Beets.

For When You’re Taking It Easy 

I discovered Nanuki at my local Wellness a few months ago and I’ve become obsessed with their Boom Bars. I still can’t believe that something so decadent and chocolaty can be so good for you. My favourite flavour at the moment is the Matcha Explosion, it’s filled matcha, coconut and raw chocolate. I don’t ever feel guilty when I eat food that isn’t the best for me but my body really feels it on a physical level. My new thing is sitting in my PJs after dinner, watching an episode  of Are You The One and treating myself to a Boom Bar

All the snacks mentioned in this post are available at Wellness Warehouse. Thanks to Wellness for supporting She Said!