It’s pretty hilarious that one of Johannesburg’s best Vegan meals is from a restaurant that specialises in rotisserie chicken. I mean they even have cartoon chickens plastered all over their walls. Look past the rotisserie though and you’ll be happy to find an incredible salad bar and a delicious wrap station.

You don’t expect much from Baba G at first glance. It’s tucked away in the Illovo Post Office Centre and when we first went it could only seat four people, it’s since expanded to fit about 14 or so. The first time I tried Baba G was with my lovely friend Heather from 2 Summers, the next day I dragged Craig back to try it out again.

Craig really loves wraps and every time we go he has a Roasted Aubergine Lafa (R60). I have yet to find a wrap that I actually want to eat…seriously they go soggy and mess on your hands…so I always pick from the salad bar. You can get a regular serving for R40 and large serving for R60. Think Couscous salad with Roast Veg, Broccoli, Beans and all the fresh ingredients of your dreams. That means you can get a healthy meal for two for under R100, which is pretty hard to come by these days. You can check out their full menu here.

My favourite part of visiting Baba G is their Pillow Breads R20, made to order with unbleached stone ground flour. I could just order 50 of them and eat them till I pop, damn bread is the best! I’d also recommend trying their Lemon Slushie (R25), it’s super ‘lemony’ and really refreshing…I’m still convinced it cured a rather brutal hangover I had a few months ago!

Hanging out at Baba G is relaxing because of how small it is, and the staff are always friendly. If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home they’re also on Uber Eats now. Happy eating.

Address: Shop 21, Post Office Centre, Illovo, Johannesburg  

Contact: +27 11 268 5412

If you’ve read this far into the post, here’s a little added extra for you! I took this picture of Craig and then rushed outside to see what was wrong because he looked seriously worried…turns out he was Googling where to find Vegan Tim Tams. I still can’t stop laughing when I think about it!