If you’ve been following me on social media this past week you would have seen that I’ve been running around Joburg with Acer and a couple of really talented and interesting people as part of the #AcerForYou road trip. My very first laptop was an Acer (I even remember the wrapping it was in when my parents gave it to me) so it’s been really awesome working with a brand I’ve known for so long.

As I was holding the torch for #AcerForTravel I took my Swift 7 along for the ride and took portraits of everyone I met along the way, documenting how their Acer devices fitted into their lives, because let’s be honest people are always more interesting than places!

The aim of the road trip was to share how different people from all walks of life and professions are able to incorporate Acer seamlessly into their lives.

Tiana Cline #AcerForGaming

Tiana is a tech journo, gaming enthusiast and advertising wiz… so she’s basically good at everything, and she taught me how to play Hitman, and in my books that makes her pretty damn fantastic (and patient). I met Tiana at Nexus for my first stop on the road trip and we got to try some VR games and then play around on her Nitro 5 which is as hardcore as it sounds, it seriously looks like a transformer compared to the laptops I’m used to seeing.

I think it’s so awesome that Tiana has made a name for herself in an industry that’s so often seen as male dominated.

Kojo Baffoe #AcerForBusiness

In a quick departure from pretending to kidnap people in Hitman I got to meet with the incredibly insightful Kojo Baffoe. Kojo, like Tiana seems to be good at everything! He’s a poet a writer a father, a bike rider and editor. Kojo has written and been editor of a number of magazines over the past few years but has just taken up the position of editor at Afropolitan Magazine, which, if truth be told I hadn’t read before the road trip and I was pleasantly surprised with the contents of the magazine, it’s a great balance between business and lifestyle, perfect for any young South African professional.

Wondering what Afropolitan means? Well I was too and here’s the best description I could find: “Afropolitan” describes a new generation of African; the creative, politically aware, multicultural African emigrant with roots firmly on the African continent and bodies and minds in the world. Afropolitanism is more than a description of a sub-set of Africans who find their feet pounding pavements in Barcelona, Daegu, New York City or even Michigan. Instead, it is a state of mind that identifies Africans who straddle two or more distinct cultures, identities, continents, sets of friends, languages and levels of awareness.

Gert-Johan Coetzee #AcerForFashion

If you’ve been to any event ever in South Africa chances are you’ve either seen one of Gert-Johan’s beautiful designs or at the very least Gert-Johan (and his flawless hair). Day two of the road trip started of at Gert’s house and studio where we hung out on one of his many velvet covered couches and looked at patterns for clothes and his upcoming collection for Fashion Week. You guys would not believe how much time and effort goes into just one garment, it takes months and months, (most of it stuck in the studio and behind a laptop) to put together the perfect collection. Gert, Maya (you’ll learn more about her just now), and I all had the same device the Acer Swift 7 because it’s perfect for travel and fashion, lightweight and beautiful!

Maya Mia #AcerForFashion

At face value Maya is your typical makeup and fashion blogger but after chatting to her and getting to know her I discovered she’s so much more. Aside from her incredibly successful Youtube Channel where she shares tutorials and makeup advice she also helps translate for a charity and donates her time to helping the lives of others. Maya’s entire job depends on the existence of computers so it was really awesome to see how she streamlined her work using her Swift 7.

Check out this tutorial on how to do a killer face inspired by Lana Del Rey.

Hlubi Mboya #AcerForFitness

The term dynamite comes in small packages was coined when Hlubi Mboya was born. Always smiling, always amped and quite literally buzzing with energy, Hlubi and I got to start the last day of the roadtrip off with a gym session, guided by a video on her Acer, that had me panting a little more than usual (but I have the flu okay!). Hlubi is an actress and personality but I got to delve a little deeper into her life from a health and fitness angle. As you might have noticed I’ve really been enjoying my exercise and healthy eating lately. When I’m better we have a gym date and I can’t wait!

Proverb #AcerForBusiness

Tebogo aka Proverb is a force in the South African entertainment industry, it’s been amazing to see how he’s morphed and grown over the years and it was truly great to see him in action at the Kaya FM studios. He was interviewing the Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki who is astonishingly interesting. I got to ask what all ‘those’ buttons are in the studio and of course see how he plans and produces all his shows on his Acer.

All in all it was an incredible few days! I’ll be sharing more on my Swift 7 this week so keep an eye out for that post if you’re in the market for a new notebook!