My name is Anna-Belle, and I have a drinks trolley obsession. I’m not sure where it started, all I know is that now I have to live with it…or more like Craig has to live with it. In all seriousness though, drinks trolleys are super practical, mobile and more often than not just plain pretty! I only have one drinks trolley (see below) that I actually use for drinks the rest are plant stands and bookcases. @home recently added furniture to the available items on their online store, and they have a pretty fantastic drinks trolley section, so obviously I needed to get my hands on one.

So before I get into telling you about my new gold friend, I want to give you some honest feedback on my whole @home online shopping experience. I was happily shopping and when I reached the checkout page there was a problem with checkout, nothing major, I just couldn’t complete my purchase. In hindsight I’m really really glad I had an issue because I got to experience the amazing customer service at the @home call centre. The staff in customer service went above and beyond to help me out and they were so friendly I was left with a smile on my face and it was resolved in a manner of minutes. Furniture can be delivered or picked up at the TFG warehouse in Midrand, I picked mine up and the whole process was really simple and fast!

Okay, back to decor! This particular trolley is called the ‘Lucy’ I love the height of it, it comes up to just under my hip so it’s got quite a bit of space on the bottom for all goodies to live in. Lucy is also gold, which isn’t something I ever imagined would suit my apartment but she fits right in and really pops against my grey walls. I’m still in two minds with what to put on either side of the trolley, perhaps a chair or two but for now I think a little (read big) bamboo never hurt anyone!

I filled the trolley with pieces I’ve been collection over the last couple of years, so if you want details on where I got them just comment below or DM me!

If you want to get your hands on this trolley or check out what else @home has to offer click here.

Thanks @home for supporting She Said.