Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends reach their dreams, for as long as I’ve known my friend Jess she’s wanted to start her own clothing label, and she’s officially done it! A real life, actual clothing label, which is no easy feat! I’ve been lucky enough to be relatively involved in the whole process, from hearing about it when it was just an idea to having the privilege of actually shooting the clothes for the Jessica Anne store. I still want to share all of the pieces you can find on the Jessica Anne site but for now I thought I would just share one of my favourite sets.

I’ve always loved a good a-line skirt, if you’re a regular reader you’ll know this, if it’s your first time here take my word for it! I think they’re the type of cut that suits anyone and everyone and even better they are comfortable! When I shot this set I immediately fell in love with it and Jess surprised me last week when she dropped it off at my house as a ‘thank you’! I’ve always had a little rockabilly inspiration in my style and if I could do victory rolls (I neither have the skill nor the hair for it) I totally would have! This set really does fulfil all my dreams of being in the cast of Grease.

Most of the Jessica Anne pieces have a summer feel to them but the material is of such high quality and each piece is lined they’re actually surprisingly warm, plus adding a trusty biker jacket to anything never hurt anyone! I’ve had this jacket I bought at Mango for about three years and it’s still going strong. They have them just about every season so keep an eye out. As it gets colder I’ll add stockings to the set but for now a thick pair of black socks and my trusty…and slightly Superga platforms do the trick.

Also if you haven’t noticed I got a haircut last week, I LOVE this new style so much I literally don’t have to do anything to it, seriosuly I just showered and it came out like this, if anyone is looking for an amazing hairdresser let me know and I’ll give you the details for mine!

Last week I also got a present from one of my favourite makeup brands 3ina to celebrate their collaboration with Lockhart Embroidery titled Art Freedom. The packaging for the collaboration is super super beautiful and believe it or not the makeup is even better. 3ina has been a favourite of mine since they launched in SA last year and their BB cream has solved my quest to find coverage that doesn’t leave my dry sin looking flakier than the surface of a road in the Karoo.

Have any of you bought anything from Jessica Anne? Let me know what you think!

Set: Jessica Anne

Jacket: Mango

Glasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Superga

Socks: Topshop