I really love to gush about my friends! It’s the most inspiring thing to be surrounded by such talented women on a daily basis, one such woman, who you’ve probably hear me gush about before is the lovely Jessica Mole from the equally as lovely Jessica Anne.

If you’re not familiar with Jessica Anne it’s a label that aims to make women feel comfortable in their own skins by creating beautiful clothes and offering personal styling workshops. While I’m sure you’ve see Jessica Anne sets around town you probably don’t know that Jess is hosting a series of personal styling workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town this month. Buy you tickets for R800 a person here.

The Workshop includes practical, individual wardrobe advice, hair and make-up tutorials, manicures, a present from Jessica Anne’s store and the important stuff like breakfast and champagne!


To give you a little taster of what you’re in for I asked Jess a few questions that were on my mind and she answered them!

1. I have no boobs, when is it okay to not wear a bra or is it always okay?

If support isn’t necessary, I don’t think wearing a bra is a must… if you’re wearing a top/dress made with harder material, that’s structured I think you can totally get away with it unnoticed. It’s really just personal preference.

2. When I was a little younger I used to love wearing short things, as I’ve gotten older I don’t feel as comfortable doing so anymore but still want to ‘dabble’ what would you suggest?

I think it’s so good to grow up WITH your wardrobe. Wearing stuff that’s age appropriate is so important. I definitely think you can get away with wearing mini skirts and shorts it all depends on the styling and don’t go too short.

3. I want to feel sexy but I don’t want to wear super low plunging tops etc etc, what styles would you suggest?

It’s all about how you feel in your clothes. Starting from your underwear is important because even though there may not be any one to see it, it’s how you feel in them. An LBD (little black dress), black skinnies… anything that would make you feel good about your body!

4. I have a lot of clothes but always end up wearing the same things, any tips on how to force yourself to mix it up?

I think we all do. I like to sort through my cupboard and give things away every few months. It helps me to find things that I love wearing but have just forgotten about. Also, stick to the classic basics and then find trendy pieces to compliment them. You will be amazed at how little you need to completely change an outfit.

5. What do you think the best trends for Summer are going to be.

I think bohemian dresses will be a big new trend and straight cut blouses with skinny straps. Oh there are just so many amazing trends coming, I can’t wait for summer!!


Johannesburg: 9 August

Rose Road Knopjeslaagte, Midrand, Gauteng 2189

9am – 12pm

Cape Town: 26 August  Woodlands House

Unit 11, 17 Woodlands rd, Woodstock 7915

9am – 12pm