You know when something is really cool at first, but then it happens all the time so you get used to it? I’m constantly having to remind myself that Craig’s actually in a flipping aweosme band and makes incredible music that people actually love. It just feel so normal to me and I think I take his talent a little for granted.

Today I was reminded of the fact that I’m married to the most amazing human being when I watched his new Yo Grapes Video for the 10th (read 100) time. Craig collaborated with his mates from The Kinetic who shot, edited and animated the video, kinda wish I was in a band so they could animate me a video too! So proud of you my Chazzels…now write me a love song please! Follow Yo Grapes on Instagram here!

Also here’s a crazy throwback of a video I was in just after we started dating, always makes me smile cause it has a little story about how we met!