Once upon a time there was a teenager called Anna-Belle who only wore the most ridiculous vintage buys she could find and prided herself on wearing Happy Meal toys as accessories. No seriously! I was probably the weirdest teenager when it came to dress sense ever! Nothing could just be simple for me, every time I stepped out of the house I would wear the most insane outfits I could think of…my poor parents must have thought I was nuts.

Times have changed, and while I still have a little bit of the adventurous side in me I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. My every day clothes literally consist of mom jeans and white t-shirts from Cotton On. I often talk about Cotton On in my posts because I really love their balance between fashion and the basics everyone needs in their lives. Also, can you really fault a brand that has baby pink jeans in their range, no I didn’t think so!

Cotton On is my go to for basics that keep my wardrobe going all year round, because let’s be honest who has money to just be spending it on fancy fashionable pieces that cost an arm and a leg, even if we want to. If you head into store over the next couple of weeks you’ll spot their new 91 denim collection which has everything from 90’s highcuts to jeggings.

I love that their basics all have a small on-trend twist, it’s basics not boring after all. I put together a couple of looks from their denim range paired with their basic tees/tops. The first look is what I would wear every day but I got a little crazy with the pink denims, can we just take a second to appreciate them!? The second look is more my Saturday morning being fancy in Pankhurst look, I’m not going to lie shooting and wearing the red heels was pretty scary for me. When have you guys ever seen me in heels?!

Which denim look is your favourite? Shop both looks at your closest Cotton On store today!

Thanks to Cotton On for Supporting She Said.