KAMERS is back and it promises to be another weekend of discovering awesome South African brands, eating tasty food and making sure that your credit card bill is super high this month. I love KAMERS so much, seriously not only does it help me discover incredible local brands and products but it’s just fun to stroll about the market and chat to people, I still can’t believe that before this year I’d never been.

I wouldn’t be able to write this post without mentioning the location change for this edition of KAMERS. The new venue is in Kraamerville and I’ll be honest with you it’s not great especially when compared with St Johns (it’s previous venue). The parking is a hot mess and the conference hall type setting really doesn’t do much justice to the stalls and artisans. I know the KAMERS team are really particular about their brand and where they host their events so I don’t see this being a permanent change and I’m sure wherever they go next will bring back that KAMERS feel!


Just a side note before I get into it, because of the setup and location it seems that there is less space to sit and eat and sip on champers…there’s nothing special about eating in a parking lot under a marquee so get there early for a table or be satisfied with not sitting down.

kamers-makers-1-of-1-2 kamers-makers-1-of-1-3

I’ve done a quick roundup of my favourite brands from KAMERS so be sure to look out for them when you go through this weekend! Lucy from Lucy Sarah joined me on my mission (it’s becoming a bit of a tradition) so head on over to her blog to check out her favourite stalls.



I discovered +NESS a couple days ago through an article I read on some online magazine, I remember making a note to go back and check out more of their work, so it was a pleasant  surprise when I came across their stall at KAMERS. +NESS is run by two super friendly guys based in Cape Town who create each limited edition print featuring South Africa’s most prominent buildings. I was lucky enough to get my hands on two prints but I definitely think I’ll be adding to my collection in the near future.

ness-cityness-2-of-6 ness-cityness-5-of-6 ness-cityness-6-of-6

Elsej Designselsej-designs-6-of-7

I first came accross Elsej Designs at 100% Design South Africa a couple of months ago, since then she has tripled her designs and offerings making her stall by far one of the best stores at KAMERS. From rad plant hanging thingy m’ bobs to beautifully structured wreathes and vases she’s a home decor dream!

P.S she also has an incredible array of air plants on sale, I bought three from her at 100% Design South Africa and they are growing and flowering like crazy!

elsej-designs-3-of-7 elsej-designs-2-of-7 elsej-designs-1-of-7elsej-designs-7-of-7

Temple Of Reason 


What more do you need in life other than a swimming costume with tigers on it? Temple Of Reason is one of the prettiest stands I came accross and as I discovered they only sell swimming trunks for men…oh and some pretty cool bat and ball sets! I had to resist buying Craig a pair in every colour they were so awesome!

temple-of-reason-2-of-5 temple-of-reason-4-of-5 temple-of-reason-5-of-5 temple-of-reason-3-of-5

Claudia Moruzzi


Claudia Moruzzi is obsessed with pajamas and all things sleep related. Her Kimonos, nighties and pajamas sets are so beautiful it almost feels a shame to wear them to bed. Look out for her beautiful prints wafting around the market and be sure to get your hands on her new range…because I sure did!

Nina Bosch Porcelain 


In my last post about KAMERS I chatted about Nina and her incredible ceramics and this time is no different. She really is one one of South Africa’s most talented designers and artists and her new range speaks volumes about her journey as a creative. Find her stall in the marquee and prepare to lighten your purse!

nina-bosch-porcelain-2-of-3 nina-bosch-porcelain-3-of-3

Liberty Bespoke 


Liberty Bespoke is another Joburg based brand that I love, their stationery never disappoints and they’ve got a whole new range to feast your eyes and your pens on. You’ll find the store in the main hall area  and be sure to keep an eye out for their cards with the flamingos on, they are flipping awesome!


Iloni, Hannah Lavery & Dayfeelsiloni-hannah-lavery-dayfeels-1-of-7

This awesome group of Cape Town based designers and artists can be found in a room to the right as you go up to the second level of stalls. Their stall is really well put together but most importantly their designs and pieces are incredible! I’ve been a big fan of dayfeels for ages so seeing the work in real life was really special. Also keep any eye out for Hannah’s beautiful dungaree/pinafore dresses!

iloni-hannah-lavery-dayfeels-2-of-7 iloni-hannah-lavery-dayfeels-3-of-7 iloni-hannah-lavery-dayfeels-4-of-7 iloni-hannah-lavery-dayfeels-5-of-7

The Chocolatiers the-chocolatiers-3-of-3

Last, but not least, would KAMERS be complete without some beautiful handmade (Joburg made) chocolates? NOPE! The Chocolatiers is run by two lovely ladies who make everything in their kitchen using their own two hands. Their chocolate was really beautiful and it’s the type of chocolate you can smell before you see!

the-chocolatiers-1-of-3 the-chocolatiers-2-of-3

Happy shopping!