It’s been just over a year since I started working for myself, I’ve been meaning to blog about my journey but I’ve been pretty busy with actually being on that Journey that I haven’t really had a chance to yet. Part of this journey however has been getting into the routine of working even when I don’t necessarily have to wake up at the crack of dawn to drive to an office.

I’m lucky in that I really love working and if I’m not doing something I get incredibly anxious so this transition has been pretty easy for me. There are of course days when the last thing I want to do is be stuck in my apartment, sometimes it’s just not conducive to a productive work day and to be honest with you it can get pretty lonely not speaking to a single person all day.

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We decided a while ago that we didn’t need an office space for Golden, it’s expensive and we’re on the road shooting and in meetings all day that for now it would be a waste of money and space, technically all we need is an internet connection and our camera’s and we’re set! So, I (and we) started coming to Nomads and Co. on the days when I needed a place to brainstorm with Angie that wasn’t filled with the distractions of my home office and a place to come to to see some friendly faces when I was feeling a little lonely.

I included Nomads in my post about shared workspaces in Johannesburg, you can check it out here if you want to look at a some other workspaces in the city. The first thing you will notice about Nomads and Co. is the incredible decor that MAKES you want to work and never leave. It’s beautifully laid out and designed,  you can really feel the thought that has been put into every aspect of it. The second thing that will grab your attention is the two incredible ladies who run the space Lizette and Buhle. Lizette is the owner and she’s always around for a chat about almost anything. Buhle is the resident chef and glue that keeps Nomads together, if you’re eating at Nomads you’re eating Buhle’s meticulously prepared(and well priced) creations, she also makes a mean cup of coffee so be sure to say hi! When you need a break from work Nomads is also awesome in that they have a lounge area, garden and dining/kitchen nook that allows you to clear your mind and just step back from it all.

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Nomads and Co. has also recently become the home to a few amazing events, including a fantastic bloggers breakfast I attended a few weeks ago and an incredible series/ concept called Translating Joburg. Started by Hannah Pirnie, Translating Joburg is aimed at helping expats navigate the city and encouraging locals to get excited about where they are from. If you’re looking for something different to do follow Nomads on Facebook to keep in the loop with all the exciting things they’ve got going on.

Contact: 071 090 6244

Address: 8, 7th Ave, Parktown North, Johannesburg

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