Looking for something cultured to do this weekend? Some of South Africa’s most talented female artists, Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream and Railheim are hosting an incredible art show, where you can buy bags, patches, ceramics, paintings, drawings and even some hand crafted babushka dolls. How do I know this? Well because I was just at Railheim in Linden and I practically had to force myself out the doors before I spent my grocery budget on some pretty awesome iron on patches and art works.

The artists showing include: Lauren Schultz (Says Who), Knuckles (Nicole Christos), Indianna Harris,Karabo Poppy, Li Shenton, Roxy Rose, Jess Jardim-Wedepohl and Telri  Stoop (Paper Snap). The artwork that stood out the most to me was an incredible series of illustrations mixed with pressed flowers by Indianna Harris. You can also ‘buy’ a tattoo at the exhibition for R750, each artist has designed something unique, you can pick a postcard you like and Roxy Rose will tattoo it on your forehead…or wherever else you want it.

The show is the whole of tomorrow from 9AM to 3PM, so grab some brekkie at The Whippet and then walk across to Railheim to have a look at the creations….and then drink a bottle of rum at Brian Lara. The whole exhibition feels like the old days when Wolves used to have rad exhibitions all the time so if you’re feeling nostalgic or you just want to look at pretty things I’d really recommend stopping by.

Click here to check out the Facebook event OR just go through tomorrow and support some incredible women!