Since changing to a plant based diet Craig and myself have been rediscovering different place to eat in Joburg. It’s actually really interesting how changing your diet impacts how and where you eat when eating out, nowdays we almost always have to check the menu before we head out. While most of our regulars can cater for our change in diet we’ve been making an effort to visit places that serve plant based food without having to ask the kitchen to remove or add ingredients, it just makes eating out way less of a mission.

One of the spots we’ve recently discovered is Ritual Cafe in Linden. Ritual Cafe is a true hidden gem and has an incredible selection of plant based meals and meals with animal products so everyone will find something to eat that they’ll enjoy. As soon as we walked through the threshold a sense of comfort and familiarity came over me. It could be that the owner prepares each meal himself or the homey decor, either way it’s great to walk into a public space and feel like you can relax.

When visiting Ritual Cafe you’ll find the menu on a blackboard above the kitchen, there’s no set menu because it changes according to what’s available and what season it is. When we visited we had a proper feast, I loved being able to see everything being made in the kitchen as we ordered. For starters we had  Spinach, Chickpea and Cashew Samosas with a Coconut and Coriander Dip (R42), when you visit Ritual you HAVE to try these, they were definitely my favourite things on the menu.

For mains we tried the Mushroom Cheese Burger with Sweet Potato Fries (R92) and the Carrot and Truffle Gnocchi with Grilled Mushrooms (R95). Craig pretty much fell in love with the Gnocchi and has threatened to leave me if I can’t recreate it at home. It was the first time he had tried anything with truffles in so he lost his mind!

I pretty much never order desserts at restaurants because I find them a little overdone and find it hard to trust that they haven’t been sitting in the kitchen fridge for a week. Craig convinced me to share the Coconut and Lime Panna Cotta (R55) which tasted like summer! It was light, fresh and covered in lime and coconut, I’d say it’s in my top five puddings I’ve had in Joburg.

Ritual Cafe is a great find if you’re looking for simple yet incredibly delicious food without having to wait twenty minutes for a table (I love you Linden but damn waiting sucks!), only a few metres from Linden’s main stretch of stores.

Contact: 079 573 3989

Address: 32 Seventh Street, Linden