We all follow them, those Instagram accounts that make you want to reach through the screen and smash your face into the food pictured on the other side. For some time now I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Nikki Albertyn and her incredible, never ending stream of the most beautiful cakes and baked delights I’ve ever seen, if I don’t get my hands on one of her cakes soon there’s going to be a serious problem.

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To attest to her incredible skills Nikki has recently opened her own studio, based in Cape Town where you can buy or order one of her cakes online. Unfortunately she can’t deliver to Johannesburg just yet, so if you’re in JHB like me pictures will have to do for now. As a designer Nikki finds being able to be creative is pretty much on par with that morning-coffee-feeling. Totally invigorating. Baking has opened up a new world of artistic expression for her and she hopes to inspire others and brighten their day just a little.

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Next time I visit Cape Town LionHeart is going to be my first stop, and while sugary treats aren’t the best thing for me I’m defiantly going to make an exception for one of her artworks.

LionHeart is giving away on of their Astronomica Mini cakes. To Enter visit my Facebook Page or Instagram Account. Please note that you will only be eligible to win the prize if you’re based in Cape Town, or willing to catch a flight to pick it up. Winner will be announced next Wednesday. 

To oder a cake, or just to browse longingly you can visit LionHeart here or contact Nikki directly -info@sweetlionheart.com

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