My first experience with Mexican food was when my lovely friend Fran from Texas in the US held a Mexican themed party, so it’s safe to say the bar for Mexican food was set extremely high and Mama Mexicana is well above it. Their food is so good in fact that I’ve been there twice since visiting it for the first time.

mama mex

Mama Mexicana has been around for about a year now and much like an old wine it’s getting better with age. In-between stuffing my face with chilli poppers (which are delicious by the way) I managed to talk to Kevin, one of the owners of the restaurant. Born in Taiwan Kevin worked in a Mexican restaurant with an American couple who taught him everything he knows, if I could find that couple I would hug them…hard!



We really had no idea what to order so we decided to order one of everything including: breakfast burritos, chilli poppers, corn bread, bacon nachos and chicken quesadillas. Everything was delicious but by far my favourite snack was the warm corn bread with sour cream.

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You can find Mama Mexicana at 264 Fox Street just behind the Arts on Main complex. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday every week and even more exciting they are really well priced, for the four of our meals and two drinks each the bill came to jus under R400!

To book a table call: 011 334 1982

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