You can’t walk down the road without seeings some type of ruffle, fringe or frill. It’s a trend that I’m really enjoying seeing what people do with and how they’re making it their own, because who doesn’t love frills! I’ve been thinking more and more about the development of my style lately and it’s calmed down quite a bit from the ridiculous outfits I used to wear in my younger years. I’ve replaced over the top with practical and I kinda miss being a little crazy and experimenting with different trends. Over the past few months I’ve been making a conscious effort to dress up a bit and be a little more daring instead of comfortable in my usual mom jeans and white t-shirt. 

I love this shirt and it’s overstated frills, it’s really interesting but being back is still a little conservative. I bought it from H&M last week from their new fall range, which you have to check out! Seriously they have velvet midnight blue bell bottoms and that’s not the half of it.

Shirt: H&M

Belt: My Scattered Heart

Jeans: Top Shop

Shoes: Superga

Earrings: H&M