If you’re like me and spend days without leaving your home office, or you’re a well adjusted human who works in and office and needs a space to escape for a breakaway session, Perch Co-Working in Rosebank is there to suit your needs.

I’ve been talking about how important I think co-working spaces are for ages and I’ve recently seen a couple of my favourites close down, which really makes me sad! If you’re a freelancer please try visit a spaces like Gathere and support small businesses that really do improve your productivity. Co-working spaces allow you to be surrounded by inspiring people who aren’t there to argue or compete with you but there to support you and find your work interesting (because it’s not theirs), plus there’s no Netflix so you won’t find yourself saying ‘just one more episode of Gossip Girl and then I’ll start work’.

Perch Co-Working is almost directly accross from 54 on Bath, between the mall and a construction site (don’t worry it isn’t noisy), you can’t see much from the road but if you put it into your GPS it will take you directly to the parking gate. When I visited the guard tried to get me to park in the mall but I insisted I didn’t want to because there was free parking so if there is just be firm to avoid the admin.

What I love about Perch is the design, it’s really beautifully designed, with little nooks, boardrooms, desks with dividers and then larger long tables that are more ‘open’. I prefer working at the long desks because then I actually get to feel like I’m working with people. Perch also plans to start hosting events and training workshops, watch out for them here.

Perch also has a cafe near the entrance called Clipboard Society, while their only plant based options seem to be fruit or lightly salted Lays they have what looks like a really great menu ranging from smoothies, seriously delicious looking muffins and a couple of cafe meals. If you work in the area it’s definitely worth popping in to see what you could pick up for lunch.

Pricing ranges from R250 a day to R3200 a month for full access between 8AM and 5PM. The best deal to me looks like the R1875 a month where you get five hours a day. To check out all the prices and to enquire click here.

If you’ve visited Perch or you know of any other coworking spaces drop me a mail or comment below!

Contact: 011 447 1283 , info@perchoffices.co.za

Address: 37 Bath Avenue, Rosebank, 2196 Johannesburg, Gauteng