When you think of Chinese food what comes to mind? I think of Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Sauce and the Century Egg I made the mistake of trying while eating to impress my high school boyfriend who happened to be Chinese. I’ve recently been re-educated at Linden’s newest restaurant PRON.PRON (14 of 28)PRON or People’s Republic Of Noodles is located on 7th Avenue just down the road from Linden’s better known 4th Avenue in a set of newly renovated retail spaces. The restaurant, it’s staff and it’s decorations take me right back to my time travelling though Asia, except I can actually afford to eat everything I want now seeing as I’m not on a backpackers budget.She Said Blog (7 of 8) Peoples Republic Of Noodles (4 of 6)

The restaurant is owned by the very same lady who owned one of Joburg’s most famous Chinese restaurants, Red Chamber in Hyde Park. After 26 years of making belly’s happy there Emma Chen opened up PRON with the intention of only serving foods she grew up with from North China. That means lots of noodles and lots of delicious Chinese bread and what’s more is they do everything by hand in the store. That means they make the noodles, the bread and my stomach all very happy in their on site kitchen.She Said Blog (1 of 8)When I visited, I was on my own but I’ve since been back with Craig to try a few other things of the menu and it was even better the second time. If you visit the restaurant I would recommend trying their Chinese Bread R25 and the Cucumber and Tofu Salad (R40) which in my opinion are the two best things on the menu, both are Vegan so if you’re that way inclined you will love the food and their pleasant selection of Vegan dishes.PRON (5 of 28) PRON (1 of 28)On my first visit I tried the Sichuan Chilli Chicken Noodles (R70) and the second time I had the Spicy Beef Noodles (R65, If I had to pick I would go with the Chicken dish as my favourite (so far). In total for two people with drinks, and two courses it will cost about R300 but chances are you will be walking away with a pretty large doggy bag as the portions are not by any means conservative. You’ll soon find the secret to a great time at the restaurant is loading every single thing you eat with their secret chilli sauce, if the waiter recommends it say yes! 
PRON (12 of 28)PRON (9 of 28) PRON (11 of 28) PRON (13 of 28)If you’re booking a party, People’s Republic of Noodles also has a downstairs area complete with lazy boys and mirrored walls where I WILL be having my birthday.  I have a feeling very soon PRON will be packed to the rafters so book while you can by calling them on 011 782 1736, their exact address is 69 7th Street, Linden, Johannesburg and they’re open Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 3pm then 6pm to 10pm.

Once you’ve finished introducing your tastebuds to all the new flavours I really suggest taking a walk around the store as they sell a range of Chinese imported products from Milk to Rice and even toys.Peoples Republic Of Noodles (1 of 6) PRON (19 of 28) PRON (20 of 28) PRON (28 of 28) PRON (27 of 28) PRON (23 of 28) PRON (21 of 28) Peoples Republic Of Noodles (6 of 6) Peoples Republic Of Noodles (5 of 6) Peoples Republic Of Noodles (2 of 6) Peoples Republic Of Noodles (3 of 6) PRON (25 of 28) PRON (26 of 28)