It’s no secret when it comes to love I’m incredibly romantic and soppy, there’s nothing more I love than love. I love the way that two people in love look at each other and tease each other even how they hold hands, it’s just one of the most beautiful things in the world.Tatiana and Mark-58I recently got to do an engagement shoot for one of the sweetest couples: Tatiana and Mark. The pair have been dating for over ten years, and they’re still like teenagers in love around each other. They met through a friend who set them up and they’ve been in love ever since. It’s was lovely to hear about how they are planning for their special day and laughing at how we’ve faced the same issues.
Tatiana and Mark-63 Tatiana and Mark-66I wish them all the happiness in the world! Here are some pictures from the shoot. If you would like to book me for a shoot either fill in the contact form below or mail shesaidsa@gmail.comTatiana and Mark-11 Tatiana and Mark-35 Tatiana and Mark-13 Tatiana and Mark-15 Tatiana and Mark-24 Tatiana and Mark-29 Tatiana and Mark-31 Tatiana and Mark-42 Tatiana and Mark-46 Tatiana and Mark-57 Tatiana and Mark-67