Who am I? My name is Anna-Belle Durrant and I am more than just one thing.

This morning while sitting glaring at my computer screen, trying to coordinate a particularly difficult campaign for Golden, a good friend of mine messaged me asking for some advice. Lucy recently started her very own blog and has been struggling to balance her work life with her blogging, she asked me how I do it. My words to her were I don’t. I constantly struggle to balance the business Anna-Belle with the blogger and photographer Anna-Belle. It’s harder than I ever could imagine and I never get the balance right, but I’m just incredibly blessed that I have the tools at my fingertips to make creating that much easier.

InsideOut_4 CMYKWhen a company like Intel comes knocking at your door and truly understands how you work you wave hello and offer them a cup of tea. Over the past month I’ve been lucky enough to work with Intel and an amazing team to create one of the raddest collaborations I’ve ever worked on. Intel approached myself and three other creatives to share our creative process with the world, what’s more is they asked me to shoot the stills for the print ads, which is still pretty unbelievable, I keep trying to imagine my mom’s face when she see’s one of my pictures in a magazine!

A lot of my creativity is born from a feeling of anxiety in a way, it’s a strange feeling that I have every single day that I need to create something right now. It could be anything from a simple Instagram post to conceptualising an entire campaign, at the end of the day I’m constantly searching and creating. Intel  empowers me to create, shape and share my ideas with their 2in1 devices and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

If you don’t already know them I was lucky enough to spend two weeks on set with Anthony Billa, one of my favourite photographers in SA,  Tailor the kindest soul I’ve met in years and Steve aka Vox Portent electronic music genius.  Their videos will be coming up in the next few weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

You can pick up the awesome 2in1 Acer at an Incredible Connection near you.

Anthony ImageIntel #InsideOut (1 of 17)Intel #InsideOut (8 of 17) Intel #InsideOut (7 of 17)A special high five and thanks to the amazing Intel team ( Hi Gav and Greg) who woke up super super early for each and every shoot and didn’t mind when I messed up my lines again and again.

To watch the video again click here.

Intel #InsideOut (4 of 17) Intel #InsideOut (10 of 17) Intel #InsideOut (11 of 17) Intel #InsideOut (12 of 17) Intel #InsideOut (13 of 17)I’m always incredibly interested to hear other people’s creative processes, if you feel like sharing drop me a mail or comment below.